Waking the Words

It’s been too long since I’ve written. The thought weighed on my conscience, but I couldn’t spare the day is usually takes to create a post. May is my crunch time at work, preparing for and sitting through a 4 day audit. Recovering from that rolls into the end of the school year for the kids.

Through it all, I kept creating to keep sane.

I learned about needle felting during a crafting playdate with my sister-in-law. Working the wool into figures can be called tedious or meditative depending on how you look at it. It can also be a great source of stress relief as I go stabbity-stab-stab-stab.





The family plants the vegetable garden together over Memorial Day weekend. The rototiller is an antique that scares me each time my husband starts it up. My daughter drove the lawn tractor with the wagon attached to haul things from the house and shed to the garden. My son learned how to put the plants into the ground. They seem to be thriving, so he did all right!





My latest creations are inspired by another blog that someone posted on Pinterest. My husband was given a garbage bag filled with nylon rope, used for installing car windshields. He gave a bunch of it out to Cub Scouts learning how to tie their knots, but the size of the bag on the garage floor didn’t seem to change. I have drawers of fabric waiting to be used. It’s a nice project because it can be done a few minutes at a time. I just leave the bowl in the sewing machine, needle firmly in the project. When I need a break, I wander back to the machine, wind more fabric around the rope, stitch a few more inches, and step away again.

 I’m still working on tricks and tips to make the project look better. The machine doesn’t feed well at the start of the bowl, but putting tear away stabilizer beneath it seems to help. I use a glue stick to attach new strips of fabric before the previous one runs out. If the piece of rope is too short for the size bowl I’m making, I place the next piece of rope inside the fabric coil and keep stitching.




We are fully into summer vacation now. This means I need to spend some time keeping the kids busy and occasionally entertained. Our town pool has added a water slide this year, so my son asks to go almost every day. I might not post regularly, but I will try my best to not be a stranger!


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