Celebrations at WDW

So many people come to Walt Disney World to celebrate something including us on our last two trips. This past one was for a 50th anniversary, and the one before that we celebrated Christmas and my son’s birthday.  We added a little extra ‘magic’ into both of these trips, both on our own and with a little help from Disney.

11 ButtonsDisney makes it easy to announce your celebration. At City Hall in the Magic Kingdom, you can ask for free buttons such as Birthday, Anniversary, or a general I’m Celebrating. Last time we visited, there had a pushcart outside City Hall where you could pick up buttons for whatever celebration you wanted. Occasionally cast members will see your button and congratulate you. If you really want to celebrate, you can buy mouse ears with a birthday or bride & groom theme, but that was a bit much for us.

11 T-shirt CollageWe had custom t-shirts made for the 50th anniversary trip, and it really paid off. It made it easier to travel as a group and spot each other in the park. Cast members made more of a fuss when they read the shirts, and they could see where the end of our group was as we loaded onto a ride together. Even other park guest gave us their best wishes. They were so successful that we washed everyone’s shirts at the hotel laundry so we could wear them another day.

11 DoorThe family pitched in to add our own magic to the celebration. I had heard about how people decorate their doors on the Disney cruise ships and decided we needed to do that ourselves. Every morning when the happy couple awoke, there were more and more decorations on their hotel room door. They had no troubles knowing which room was theirs at the end of a long day!

11 Christmas TreeMy mother brought extra magic to our Christmas trip by buying a tiny Mickey Mouse tree at a local Big Lots type store before the trip and mailing it to the hotel. They claimed the package when they arrived, and we put the tree on the little table in our room after the children went to sleep on Christmas Eve. It was strange not having Christmas at home with the big tree and church and dinner, but something about that little tree brought Christmas to us.

11 Cake - NoahA celebration isn’t complete without a cake! We celebrated my son’s birthday at Artist’s Point, the signature restaurant at the Wilderness Lodge, and my parents requested a birthday cake for dessert. It was a great surprise. Looking back at the photos, I could tell he was tickled to receive it.

11 Cake CollageFor the 50th celebration, we took things up a notch. Our first dinner was at Whispering Canyon, one of the rowdiest restaurants on property. I made arrangements with the Wilderness Lodge’s bakery to deliver a custom cake for our dessert. In a lively phone call, the person at the bakery helped me pick the size (10″), flavor of cake (marble), type of filling (raspberry), type of frosting (white buttercream), lettering and decorations (something gold for the 50th).

When I checked our group in for dinner, I discretely mentioned the cake to the hostess. I did not expect the gorgeous cake or special delivery that we received! The waiter brought out the cake on a large tray with two glasses of champagne and strawberries. In a loud voice, he got the attention of the entire restaurant and announced our celebration. He asked us all to sing “You Are My Sunshine” so they could recreate their first dance. It was wonderful, and the cake was really good, too! We couldn’t finish it, so they boxed it up and we had it again the next night at our hotel room.

That’s just how we made our trips more special. Here’s a link to the Disney website with more ideas – https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/celebrations/customizations/


2 thoughts on “Celebrations at WDW

    1. We try! The 50th trip was a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Being the only Disney fanatic in the group, I tried to add extra things to the trip that I knew would make it special for everyone.


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