Now Hear This

Do you listen to podcasts? They’re a big part of my life. It’s like having a radio program about any topic you like, waiting for you to listen at your convenience.

I owned a little transistor radio as a child. When I would wake around 2am, I would turn on the radio to an AM  station, tuck the radio beneath my pillow, and listen to the overnight talk program until I fell asleep again. I used up a lot of 9 volt batteries back then.

Now I have podcasts on my phone, and a little speaker that I slip inside my pillowcase. I put on a program, set the sleep timer, and listen until I fall asleep again.

Podcasts keep me company during the day as well. There are ones I listen to while driving because commercials on the radio are annoying, and there are ones that entertain me while cleaning.

Catholic podcasts – various ones produced by SQPN including Catholic Weekend and The Break

The philosophy of SQPN is to put entertainment and pop culture first and Catholic theology comes second. Their founder is Father Roderick, and he calls himself a “geek priest”. His podcasts might talk about whatever movie or TV show he’s currently watching or apps for productivity that he’s using, but then he might answer a question about things Catholics do or take the listeners along when he visits Rome.

Disney podcasts – WDW Radio, WDW Today, and Tales from the Jungle Crews

WDW Radio with Lou Mongello is an award-winning Disney podcast. Lou has great knowledge and enthusiasm for the WDW resort and the company in general. There are episodes about the stories behind the attractions, top 10 lists of favorites, and interviews with people involved with the company.

WDW Today has a panel of hosts. They can be more cynical (or realistic) about the parks, but they bring years of experience of visiting and researching. One of the hosts is a co-author of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. The panel helps with practical questions such as when it’s more practical to use Disney transportation over driving your own car, and not-so-practical questions like which hotel they would choose in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Tales from the Jungle Cruise is a new-to-me podcast. The host was a skipper on the Jungle Cruise in Disneyland, and he interviews other skippers from different eras and parks about their time on the river. It’s not a family-friendly podcast as they do talk about behind the scenes shenanigans.

Game show podcasts – Ask Me Another and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

These are both on NPR and both comedic in nature. Ask Me Another focuses on word games and pop culture. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me touches on pop culture but its questions are based on the news stories of the week. As a parent, I sometimes don’t want the kids hearing some of the subjects and jokes on Wait Wait, but I love hearing the kids shout out answers to Ask Me Another.

Pop Culture podcasts – Pop Culture Happy Hour and The Nerdist

The Nerdist focuses on interviews with anyone its host, Chris Hardiwck, finds interesting. This can range from comics that are friends with Chris to musicians to some incredibly famous people such as Bill Gates, John Cleese, and Paul McCartney. It has an explicit rating, and some episodes earn it more than others. (Gilbert Gottfried was hilarious but filthy.)

Pop Culture Happy Hour is another NPR-sponsored podcast. It’s a panel discussion on current pop culture topics. Part of why this podcast stays in my rotation are the personalities on the panel. Listening to the friends banter is part of the fun.


Featured image used under a Creative Commons license by user notfrancois



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