My Little Spark

I am a Disney fan, particularly obsessing over the Walt Disney World resort in Florida. The reactions I get from that statement range from apathy to disgust. Yes, there are many other places to go for vacation. Yes, they are masters at separating people from their wallets. Yet when I need a quick mental vacation or a happy thought, that is one of the places I visit in my head.

IMG_0700I think about an October visit in 2002 when I stopped to smell the roses outside our room at Port Orleans. At home the plants were dying as autumn was in full swing, making the roses at Disney smell even more sweet. Each visit, we spend a lot of time examining the jokes on all the props in the Muppetvision 3D attraction. I like to look for “a net full of Jell-o” hanging from the ceiling, though less and less people will know the reference.

IMG_3704Few things will compare to the morning we went on the roof of the Wilderness Lodge to raise the flags. I could see everything from up there! From one side of the building, I could see all the ‘mountains’ of the Magic Kingdom. The Tower of Terror as well as the Swan and Dolphin resorts were off in another direction. I knew the location of Downtown Disney when I spotted the hot air balloon of “Characters in Flight”. It was very hard to come off the roof, made even harder that it was our last day at the resort.

When I go, I have to soak in enough memories to last. It’s around 3-5 years between trips for me. A long time ago, the Usenet group rec.arts.disney.parks would fill the gap. Now I use podcasts and Twitter. When driving around with the kids in the car, we often have to hit pause and add our own opinions to the discussions streaming from my phone. Which nighttime fireworks would you prefer to see? What would you do on a rainy day? Which ride would you update?

IMG_2784I visited the resort at the beginning of February, so I am full of stories. I made it a point to not only revisit my favorite places but seek out new experiences – resorts, attractions, and activities. I even created a bit of extra magic for the others on the trip with me. If you choose to read these WDW posts, you may gain a few tips to use on a trip of your own but you’ll surely get a glimpse into why it is so special to me.


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