Take a bow!

This weekend is the annual World Thinking Day event for the Girl Scouts in my school district. The theme for this year’s program is “Dance Around the World”. My troop is running a station teaching basic warm-ups and exercises from dance class. Another troop is teaching a Polynesian dance. One lady will be teaching belly dancing, and an Irish dancing school is demonstrating their particular style. My favorite Girl Scout tradition of exchanging SWAPs – little crafty pins based on the theme of the event – takes place during the lunch break. Most troops are creating SWAPs based on a country. The 9th graders in my troop decided to make dance SWAPs.IMG_2868

Exploring Pinterest in the evenings, I had found several ideas for SWAPs. For last night’s meeting, I made samples of 3 different designs. When I pulled out these bows based on this tutorial I found on Pinterest, the girls made their preference clear. THIS was the one – pretty and fluffy and perfect for any girl who imagines herself a ballerina.

I altered the instructions from the website. Instead of using a clip, we glued them to hair elastics left over from last spring’s camporee when I taught fire building (because you have to pull your hair back for safety!). The girls could either use the bows in their hair or to decorate their wrist. This was important to me. As a child, I never had hair long enough for a ponytail so hair accessories were useless.

IMG_2873Deep within the troop supply footlocker, I found safety pins (because it can’t be a SWAP without a pin!) as well as sequins and star beads to use for embellishments on the bows. A craft that can use up scraps from a previous project or save a little money is a good one!

We expected a snow day today so at the meeting last night, I sent several scouts home with bags of tulle, hair elastics, pins, and embellishments plus one of my spare hot glue guns. After seeing the fluffy basket of bows that my daughter made today, I am excited to see what the other scouts bring to Thinking Day on Saturday!




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