Welcome To My Entropy

The world is chaotic, messy, and full of clutter. It’s also a wonderful place, full of stories and potential. Here I am, trying to bridge the two.

I love to make things as both my mother and grandmother have done, but what makes me most happy is to take things discarded or scrap from another project and turn it into something pretty or useful. My crafting supplies include yarn inherited from my grandmother, milk bottle caps, wooden cutouts from a craft store closeout, toilet paper tubes, and fabric from a neighbor who moved away. I’ve made miniature hats out of paper tubes and cereal boxes, a beanie cap from that inherited yarn to keep my son warm at the bus stop, and a felt finger puppet of William Shakespeare from my random fabric stash.

It’s not just things, but words and stories that make me happy. Everything you see has a story behind it. Why was that shopping cart left in the middle of the parking lot? Where are the owners of that abandoned lot? How did that bouquet of flowers get to your door?

In this blog, I hope to share the random things that I feel drawn to create as well as stories of things that intrigue me. I’m just figuring things out, but I’m glad you’ve come along for the ride.


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